Our Philosophy

The way we crafted our project

Art. Nature. People

Art. Nature. People is our guiding development philosophy for all our residential developments.

Through meticulous planning, our internal R&D team integrate these 3 essential elements in our residential developments to create a Kokoro Living, which is a term that we coined for a comfortable living space that is designed for a person’s body, mind and soul to rest in.

Kokoro is a concept taken from Japan where it literally translates to English as Heart.

However, as a Japanese concept, it broadly represents the 3 dimensions of a person; body, mind and soul. We coined the term Kokoro Living as we aim to create a living space which will allow all 3 dimensions of a person; body, mind and soul to rest in. Hence, Kokoro Living is our envisioned ideal and comfortable living space that we aim to create in our residential development.

Our Story

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